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Beaver Mountain

Beaver Mountain (9731’) is an afternoon hike-and-fly site for paragliders, and is a treat to fly in light west winds. The ~800’ forested ascent takes you to a steep slot lined by trees. This technical launch can be challenging, and is not recommended for beginner pilots. With skill and a little luck, it can be possible to bench up and climb out over 3000’, flying over rugged cliff bands and forest, to the top of Beaver Mountain. Be sure to check the winds aloft and avoid any risk of getting blown back into very inaccessible and remote terrain, and be cognizant of strong catabatic flow out the canyon if you’re landing late. The views of the Tetons, Gros Ventre and Wind River Ranges are stunning, and it’s sometimes possible to “fly the box” until sunset. It’s hard to beat a nice night at the Beav!

Please partner with a Club Member for a site introduction.
Drive time from Jackson: 20 min
Hike time to launch: 30 min.