Please contact A Club Member before visiting any flying sites.

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

JHMR is a lee-side mountain thermal site and is not to be taken casually during the mid-day grind. Come early for glassy acro laps and stay for top-notch midday thermal flying above the Tetons. Launch is at 10,450’ and the LZ is over 4000’ below, allowing for lots of height to play. On a few rare stellar summer days, it may be possible to fly around the Grand Teton from here!

This site is a privilege to fly: please be mindful that it’s a sensitive site with lots of eyes on us as free flight pilots, and our access could be revoked if JHMR decides we are a liability. There are important regulations regarding flying here; please contact a club officer and/or stop by the Bridger Center for information and to arrange a site intro. JHMR is a site that requires current USHPA and JHFFC membership. The west-facing summit launch requires a P4 rating; the south-facing bowl and Gondi launches are both P3+.