Notes for new & Visiting Pilots

1. Make sure you're current!

2. Contact a club member:

Julia Knowles - JHFFC President - 207-504-4107

Richard Grove - JHFFC Vice President - 925-785-7885

John Hovey - JHFFC Treasurer - 605-381-9358

3. Understand the Weather

Head on over to our Weather page for useful resources for both forecasts and weather observations.

4. Get in Touch with the Locals

WhatsApp Group Messaging- contact Julia, Courtney or Chad to be added!

Morning meet-up at 7:45am in the Bridger Center

Afternoon meet-up at 5:00pm at Snow King

5. Educate Yourself!

Literature (click titles for more info):

The Art of Paragliding- Dennis Pagen

Understanding the Sky- Dennis Pagen

Paragliding & Rowing Boats- Richard Grant

FAR 103

Thermal Flying - Burkhard Martens

Mastering Paragliding- Kelly Farina

50 Ways to Fly Better- Bruce Goldsmith

Prepare to Fly- Simon Blake


Cobra (high-wind inflation technique)

Fingers on brake lines (inflation/uphill kiting)

Understanding Airspace

Flybubble Paragliding videos

Reserve Test (PLF example @6:00)

Reading Sectional Charts

PG XC Flight Browser (UK only)

Other Media:

Cloudbase Mayhem Podcast by Gavin McClurg

The Paraglider Podcasts by Judith Mole

"I'm Right Here!" app

Playground in the Sky (don't try these things at home...)