Forecast Info (click any link)

  1. Forecast Discussion (Jackson, WY): Check this daily; National Weather Service provides definitions for all technical wx terminology.

  2. Winds Aloft (Pocatello): Closest location upwind of Jackson. 6-hr and 12-hr forecasts available.

  3. XC Skies: Soaring forecasts for free flight pilots. Sign up for the membership!

  4. NWS 48-hr forecast for top of tram

Weather Observations (click any link)

  1.  Tram Summit Summer2: Wind readings at top of tram, every 15 minutes. Average 30-min delay. Often turned off when lightning is within range; occasionally they may forget to turn it back on.

  2. Tram Summit2 Winter: Same, but in winter.

  3. MyRadar App: Know what’s going on around you in real time! This app provides high-def radar overlaid on a zoomable map.

  4. Driggs Soundings: Different valley- closest point upwind- but still worth a look. Check out the sounding loop, too!