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East gros ventre butte

EGVB is a south-facing hike-and-fly butte in downtown Jackson. The steep, unmarked game trail used to access launch begins on private property; the landowner has graciously given the nod for occasional light foot traffic from pilots. There is a road to the top of EGVB, but it is privately owned and closed to the public. This site is great for flying with lightweight setups or mini-wings, and often becomes the go-to option when some of our sites are closed Dec. 1-April 30th for wildlife habitat. The technical LZ is the crux of flying this site, making this a P3 minimum site.

Please CONTACT A CLUB MEMBER before visiting any flying sites.

Updated 5/8/2023

Operating Parameters: Ideal wind direction 140-210deg. Wind strength: min 0mph/max 20mph; ideal 8mph.

Minimum required glide ratio: 2.7


There is limited, if any, parking in the residential area by the trailhead. Parking at the LZ and crossing the highway to hike up, or coordinating with other pilots to drop vehicle(s) at the LZ, is recommended. Bring water for the steep ~1200’ hike up this sunny, exposed butte.


This grassy butte offers room for multiple gliders to lay out on the top of the open ridge. Launch is free of trees or other hazards. A multitude of flags below in town offer helpful wind indicators.


The LZ for this site is at Karns Meadow field, the same LZ used when flying Snow King. This is one of our more technical and highly visible LZs. Anticipate rotor from the large bus barn west of the field. Mind the power lines and creek that border the south and east boundaries of the field.


  • This site is highly visible, as glide to the LZ takes you right over town. Cross high and fly smart as there are bound to be eyes on you!

    • Do not fly over congested areas such as the rodeo grounds.

  • Teton County Search & Rescue operates a helicopter pad on the SW corner of EGVB. Do not fly near (or try to soar) this area.

  • The LZ features multiple hazards (power lines, a creek and mechanical rotor). Scope the LZ, and make sure you feel confident using it, before hiking up this site.

  • Wind tends to funnel and accelerate through the town of Jackson from SW to NE through the gap between EGVB and Josie's Ridge. Anticipate increased valley wind (and thus mechanical rotor), especially during hot summer afternoons.

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