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The magic of free flight is in how we immerse ourselves in the unknown. Air cannot be seen. We will never conquer it. Humans did not evolve to inhabit the skies.

With the right conditions and tools, though, we can harness thermal lift to ascend thousands of feet above the earth. We can glide effortlessly down a snowy face, skis hovering just above the snow. We can watch our shadow skip across the top of a cloud as we descend through the sea of dreams and ridge-soar with golden eagles!

To play and succeed in this foreign environment requires equal parts confidence and humility. A pilot must have a level of self-assurance in order to assume command of every flight she takes. At the same time, a pilot must recognize how vulnerable we are in the air. Factors outside of our control or awareness will always be present.

Even the most experienced pilot constantly seeks new knowledge to better hone his air sense. Use the resources below to continue learning more about the art of free flight. Every scrap of knowledge gleaned is another tool in your kit to help you succeed in the unknown!

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