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jackson hole mountain resort

JHMR is a lee-side, high-altitude mountain thermal site and is not to be taken casually during the mid-day grind. Lift access to multiple launch sites makes this ideal for morning sled rides. On the rare stellar summer day, a skilled XC pilot might be able to thermal out and fly around the Grand Teton from here!

This site is currently CLOSED to all recreational free flight. We are actively pursuing options to get our access back. We will continue working hard with JHMR management, other clubs in the same situation, and the RRRG (insurance available to USHPA chapters) aggressively and determinedly, but do not have a timeline for a solution.

All launches are currently closed to solo pilots. JH Paragliding is operating under a contract that permits only JHPG employees to fly commercially. Find JHMR lift ticket information HERE.

Last Updated 1/31/2023

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