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weather & Forecasting

forecast info

  1. Forecast Discussion (Jackson, WY):Updated twice daily. Quite technical at first read, but keep checking it out and it will make more sense. National Weather Service provides hyperlinks to definitions for all technical terminology.

  2. Winds Aloft - Pocatello, ID: 6-hr and 12-hr forecasts available. Pocatello is the closest location upwind of Jackson (although it is on the west side of the Teton range in a different basin).

  3. XC Skies: Soaring forecasts for free flight pilots. Sign up for the membership!

  4. Aviation Weather Report for Jackson, WY.

  5. NWS 7-Day Forecast for Teton Village.

  6. Hourly Forecast: 48-hr graphs for Teton Village (elev. 9500').


  1. Airport MesoWest Data: Updates every 5min from KJAC airport, in middle of the valley. Thermic conditions on midsummer afternoons can sometimes make for erratic readings.

  2. Tram Summit Summer: Wind speed, direction and gust strength at top of tram (10,450') every 15 minutes. Average 30-min delay. Often turned off when lightning is within range; sometimes they forget to turn it back on.

  3. MyRadar App: Know what’s going on around you! This app provides a high-def radar overlay.

  4. Ambient Weather: live temperature readings.

  5. WindAlert App: Check out conditions reported from Mt Glory Summit (Teton Pass), Raymer (lee side of Rendezvous Mt.), and Snow King (town of Jackson). Check the Forecast too- use Settings to toggle between different forecast models.

  6. Windy App: Check out forecasts and their live world wind app. Customize what you see for specific wind sports.

  7. Driggs Soundings: Different valley- closest point upwind- but still worth a look. Check out the sounding loop, too!

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