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jackson hole mountain resort

JHMR is a lee-side mountain thermal site and is not to be taken casually during the mid-day grind. This is our go-to morning site featuring lift-serviced sled ride laps. On the rare stellar summer day, a skilled XC pilot might be able to thermal out and fly to the Grand Teton from here!

This sensitive site is a privilege to fly: there are lots of eyes on us as free flight pilots, and our access could be revoked if JHMR decides we are a liability. Please CONTACT A CLUB OFFICER  for information and to arrange a site intro. JHMR is a site that requires current USHPA and JHFFC memberships and is strictly P3+. The west-facing summit launch is P4.

Last Updated 3/24/2022

Gondi launch closed to solo pilots in winter. summit launch open at top of tram. Find ticketing information HERE.


  • Rendezvous Bowl Launch: Elevation 10,300’. South-facing talus field, mostly open, with the occasional stunted tree. P3+. New/visiting P3 pilots must partner with a local instructor/club officer for first flights here.

  • Rendezvous Summit Launch: Elevation 10,450’. West-facing side of Rendezvous Mountain. P4 required for this launch, from which the LZ is not visible. Flying the Summit Launch requires flying around through “the seed,” where air accelerates as it funnels through a col and can become quite turbulent.

  • Gondola Launch: Closed to solo pilots during winter operating season due to congestion and skier traffic. Summer gondola will operate June 11th-September 11th, 2022; details will be listed then.




Elevation 6300’. Large, grassy (or snowy) field adjacent to Highway 390/Moose-Wilson Rd. Valley winds typically blow from the south; we usually use a D-B-F approach set up to the east of the LZ. Be aware of the occasional gopher hole, especially in the north end of the LZ. Please aim for the middle of the field rather than coming in low over the fence on the north boundary of the field. Snow may become deep in winter; be prepared to post-hole upon landing!


  • Pilots must abide by the USHPA’s  recommended operating limitations for his/her rating. All pilots must fly an EN/LTF certified paraglider with a helmet and reserve parachute. Radios are also highly recommended.​

  • Pilots must maintain a minimum of 250’ of clearance at all times from all structures including lift towers, cables, buildings, the tram dock, and other JHMR infrastructure as well as ski runs.​

  • Rendezvous Bowl Launch: Ideal wind direction 130-200deg. Wind strength: min 0mph/max 15mph; ideal 5mph.

  • Rendezvous Summit Launch: Ideal wind direction 260-330deg. Wind strength: min 0mph/max 15mph; ideal 5mph.

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